Getting in touch with Netent Gaming

Different people have different reasons to contact Netent Gaming. Getting in touch with this leading igaming products provider is really very easy. Before we proceed on this subject, a small introduction of Netent is necessary. This company was born in 1996 as Net Entertainment. It changed its name to Netent a few years later after realizing that online gaming is the next frontier. Over the next few years, Netent reinvented itself in many ways and you can read its story on Topnetent-Casinos .

About Netent Gaming

As part of its strategy, Netent has set up its business offices in Europe, Malta, Gibraltar, United States and India. Its reach has expanded even further by the acquisition of Red Tiger Gaming which has had a fantastic presence in the Asian markets. Being present in Malta and Sweden works to Netent's advantage because this way, this company can enter some of the highly regulated igaming markets in the world. When you get licenses from leseditionsdusoiraumatin , the whole world opens up for you.

In 2019, Netent acquired Red Tiger Gaming for 220 Million GBP. This merger should help the former acquire economies of scale and efficiency in its operations. Netent officials also hope that this acquisition should drive up the Earnings Per Share of the company significantly. Online gaming being a hugely competitive industry, this merger should also launch Netent into a dominating position. Red Tiger too gains from this merger. Now it will be able to use Netent's reach to market its marquee products in new areas.

Company officials are upbeat about this merger. They expect that this would spur the growth rate of Netent revenues significantly, in 2019, the company's turnover grew by 0.6%. Meanwhile, Netent is actively scouting for new investors as well as investees. It feels that as a market leader, Netent should help small players in the igaming industry in all possible ways. If you are running a small igaming set-up and would like Netent's help, you may write to the company at [email protected] Someone from the company should reach out to you.

  • In 2019, Netent conducted more than 50 billion transactions on its products.


For work opportunities and more, contact Netent

This Sweden-based igaming company is proud of its immensely talented team. It has high-quality game designers, world-class animators, statisticians, computer engineers, maths experts, creative writers, physicists and many other experts in its ranks. The company also takes pride in its super-charged sales team. If you think you can add value to Netent, why don't you write an email at [email protected] and explain your work experience? You can also attach your cv to this email. Someone from Netent will surely contact you.

Things are never at a standstill at Netent. Every week, there is some new product launch or an upgrade happening at this iconic igaming company. When Netent is not making any new products, it is busy collecting awards from the industry. If you'd like to know what's cooking at Netent, please send an email to the following id; press @ For general enquiries, the correct email id is; [email protected] Businesses wanting to become affiliates of Netent, please send an email to [email protected]